Sports Documentary

From 1995 through 1998

24 Hours with Joe's Army: Everton F.A. Cup - It's Final

On May 20th 1995 "Joe Royle's Army" turned Wembley into a sea of blue and white and cheered Everton to a thrilling victory over Manchester United...

From Anfield with Love - REDS: The Legend, The Genius, The Man

From the coalmines of Glenbuck to the legend in football management...

24 Hours with Joe's Army II - On Tour with the Blues

An insightful glance back at the times and music...

Investigative Documentary

1997 through 1999

Visions on Demand: The Medjugorje Conspiracy

A shocking true storyt, of greed, lies, and religious manipulation. In the history of the Church, Medjugorje is the biggest hoax of the century.

The Blue Issue

Ballot stuffing; hidden agendas; and information withheld from the fans about what started the historic move from Goodison Park.

Our History

Founded in Liverpool, England (circa 1993) Network Five initially began wanting to help shine a light on beneficial, and locally supportive programmes...