Our History

Liverpool, England

Founded in Liverpool, England (circa 1993) Network Five initially began wanting to help shine a light on beneficial, and locally supportive programmes.

Charity Work

Our first project was working on a charity campaign, raising funds for those orphaned by the war-torn conflict in the former-Yugoslavia. Included, as part of the campaign, Network Five produced a package and mass-letter drop sending well-wishes to troops stationed overseas. Working with multiple venues, throughout Liverpool, the "To Bosnia with Love" campaign generated positive feedback and donations for those in need, and reminded the troops of the home country support.

Continuing to work with charity organisations, we partnered with the Liverpool Lions; the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation; and Liverpool Lime Street Station, creating a campaign - building in one night - palm trees in the middle of the station promenade with a sci-fi movie robot which resulted in huge donation intake and publicity for the organisers.

Sports documentary

After watching several sports videos, we decided to see what we could put together. In 1994 Everton Football Club was hedged to be religated out of the newly-founded PREMIER LEAGUE. We began interviewing fans; gathering archive material and music licensing to produce a sports video that focused on the fans. "24 Hours with Joe's Army" became a sell-out product lauded by fans; local and regional sports media.

Following on that success, we next produced a music-infused video which covered the teams history with some cringe-worthy musical moments, and also remixes of popular music with team and fan visuals. Just as the first video, "24 Hours with Joe's Army II - On Tour With The Blues" became a Christmas-selling smash.

We next turned our attention to another of the local teams, Liverpool Football Club. This time we looked further back at one of the most game-influencing managers... Bill Shankly. Through weeks of research we were able to trace, and interview, members of the managers' family leading us to discover a story of a village that produced over 100 historical football players which was soon to be no more. The work created was "From Anfield with Love- REDS. The Legend, The Genius, The Man". As part of the project we worked closely with the LIVERPOOL AWAY SUPPORTERS CLUB and SCOTTISH COAL, and donated a permanent memorial plaque to lay marker to the village.

As with Everton, Liverpool did not escape the DJ music-video mixing techniques. Partnering with 20th Century Entertainment, "KOP THIS - The Musical" became another fan-favourite with music from 70's through 90's and some incredible archival footage.

Investigative documentary

Routinely we would be working on multiple projects simultaneously and keeping with the sports world Everton Football Club had announced their major interest to move their ancestral home, and opening up their thoughts to the fans. "The Blue Issue" presented multiple media outlets who had reported on the story, yet paid attention only to what the club administration was telling them, going as far to denounce any public query on the negative impacts. On the public front it was all about the team, but behind closed doors- and politically- it was a different story.

Moving from sports to religion, we were introduced to a village with claims of religious visions that had been occurring since 1982. As we moved forward, the story was spectacular and very believable, leading us to produce "A Place of Sanctuary". This project was produced over several months following a group on pilgrimage to the village. We found ourselves surrounded by those who truly believed in the phenomenon of the village which kept us blind to the alternate side of the story.

Before releasing "A Place of Sanctuary" we began receiving information on how the story, and charitable work, were nothing more than a fraud. Staying with the religious aspects, we began work on "Visions on Demand". We interviewed those who had been collecting information on grievous inconsistencies in the story. Through our work, and collaborating with a national media production, a multi-million pound charity fraud was uncovered and subsequently closed. During production we began receiving death threats in effort for us to shutdown our investigation work...

... we didn't listen. Our next project began uncovering the secular impact. "COVER UP. The Hidden Agenda" took us to connections of denounced religious leaders, illicit relationships, and financial fraud that went to support the civil unrest.


After several years of producing, and with further threats coming into our offices, we decided to close Network Five... until now.

With the expansion of the world moving closer to a global village, connected by technology, and research tools more readily available than ever we decided to 'turn the lights back on' and return to the field of production.


One of the thousands of well-wishes cards that was air-dropped to the troops.


Press cuttings and a brief music video of the project.